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Dividend Portfolios

The dividend portfolio shows how many dividends you can obtain in the next 12 months. This is a very simple forecast, but allows for an understanding of the whole picture, and also helps you properly direct your cash flow (similarly to a bond's coupon).

In addition, the tool can also compile share portfolios that will yield dividends every month.

Yes, this year many companies abolished dividends, therefore the forecast can occasionally be erroneous, but things will improve, right?

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Dividend Portfolios

Most popular dividend stocks in one week

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Top 10 upcoming dividends this week

all upcoming dividends are listed here
Ticker Company name Trailing Yield Forward Yield Ex-Dividend Date Close Price Market Capitalization
GEO GEO Group 19.26 % 10.82 % Jan 22 9.24 USD 1.1 B
USAC USA Compression Partners LP 13.35 % 13.35 % Jan 22 15.73 USD 1.5 B
GAIN Gladstone Investment 8.73 % 7.89 % Jan 21 10.65 USD 350 M
SUNS Solar Senior Capital 8.17 % 7.72 % Jan 22 15.54 USD 250 M
GOOD Gladstone Commercial 8.10 % 8.10 % Jan 21 18.54 USD 640 M
LTC LTC Properties 5.54 % 5.54 % Jan 20 41.19 USD 1.6 B
CMRE Costamare Inc. 4.46 % 4.46 % Jan 19 8.96 USD 1.1 B
OPI Office Properties Income Trust 4.22 % 8.44 % Jan 22 26.07 USD 1.3 B
BUSE First Busey 3.74 % 3.91 % Jan 21 23.54 USD 1.3 B
APA Apache 3.32 % 0.60 % Jan 21 17.27 USD 6.5 B

Dividend Payout Ratio, DPR

Formula is used when considering whether to invest in a profitable company that pays out dividends versus a profitable company that has high growth potential.

Dividend Yield, DY

The formula for the dividend yield is used to calculate the percentage return on a stock based solely on dividends.

Dividends Per Share, DPS

The formula for dividends per share, or DPS, is the annual dividends paid divided by the number of shares outstanding.

Gordon growth model calculator

Gordon Model is used to determine the current price of a security. The Gordon model assumes that the current price of a security will be affected by the dividends, the growth rate of the dividends, and the required rate of return by shareholders. Use the Gordon Model Calculator below to solve the formula.