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About site

We provide detailed information about the company's dividends, including a tool to track and forecast these dividends. There are also sections with calculators, articles about the stock market and personal finance for beginners.

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My name is Alexander Alyoshin and I created A2 Finance. It is currently a hobby, but I am working on turning it into a company.

A2 Finance is a project that started as a desire to create a personal finance management platform that would allow people to track their cash, deposit and credit accounts. As time passed, I thought this idea was boring, so I turned my attention to the stock market for a while.

Since I don't have a background in finance, I didn't have any project ideas. In the beginning, I thought of creating charts for tracking stock quotes, then I wanted to create a calculator. I attempted to design tools, but I didn't like them, so I deleted them.

Finally, through trial and error, I started A2 Finance. The project's purpose is to provide all the information investors need to know about dividends. I want to help out people who are particularly interested in the dividends paid by U.S. companies by addressing all of their questions.

There are no subscription fees involved because it's not a commercial project yet. Sometimes my hobby gets rather expensive. I purchased three different servers, so that people on different continents can access the project’s website. On top of that, I don't have enough time to work on A2 Finance on a full-time basis yet.

How it works

Initially, I purchase stock exchange data from official suppliers. Then I do calculations to find out dividends' profitability, statistical indicators, etc. I also manually add general information about companies: thousands of Wikipedia pages and official websites with press releases, and dividend stories were processed recently. Yes, this was done manually, but not always by me; sometimes I need to ask for help on Upwork.

Then all the gathered information needs to be presented in accessible form, so that users can easily work with the information, such as a company's future dividend payouts. Sometimes I create instruments from the available data: this was the case with the DivPort section, where upcoming dividend payouts over the next 12 months are visualized.

Of course, this is not the only work I share on the website; for example, I manually add new data on dividend payments everyday, along with a link to the official source.

The result of the work listed above is this site, where every user can access information about dividends free of charge.

About money

How the project is financed and what the budget is spent on

The website exists thanks to my personal contributions, income from advertisements, and donations. The main expenses can be divided into 3 groups:

  1. IT: servers, storage, domains, services
  2. Marketing: advertisement, promotion, instruments
  3. Content: data providers, copywriting, translations, site content

Any group can be the most expensive at a certain time period. For example, when I finish a section, I need to spend on translations; and, when they are done, I need to invest in marketing.

Principles of monetization

98% of income comes from advertisements (Google Adsense, Yandex Advertising Network and on blogs). In rare cases, income is generated from collaboration with partner programs. At this time, we have agreements with the following companies:

  • Rakuten Advertising – Japanese marketing agency, a division of Rakuten Group
  • Tinkoff Bank – Russian commercial bank
  • Masterworks – American platform for investing in objects of art
  • Coursera – American platform for online learning, where teaching is led by higher educational institutions
  • Udemy – American platform for online learning, where courses are mainly led by individuals
  • Vultr – American provider of cloud computing
  • Amazon Web Services – International provider of cloud infrastructure
  • IEX – American provider of financial data on American companies
  • Unicorn Data Services – French provider of international financial information

Almost all the information on the website is presented to users free of charge, but earnings from advertisements don't always cover expenses. This is why you can help the project to grow by making a donation by using any of the ways below. The budget is mostly spent on the payment for servers, the work of freelancers, who write or translate articles, and also on the payment for side projects essential for A2 Finance to function well, such as email services.


Who is responsible for the website

Alexander Alyoshin
  • 6 years - Java Developer
  • 2 years - Project Manager
  • 2 years - Chief Technology Officer
  • 3 years - Ruby Developer + Freelance
  • 2 years - A2 Finance
  • ...now  

I am responsible for the website - Alexander Alyoshin. At the moment, I am the only collaborator of this project. You can always contact me through social media or using the feedback form on the site.

My social media accounts

My interviews

Who is responsible for the content

I wrote few articles, but created a lot of other content; for example, descriptions of sections or explanations of formulas and calculations. Professional authors and translators were also involved - some of them wrote articles, others translated. The main contributions to the site were made by:

Who helped the project to grow

It is completely different people, from different countries and with different occupations. One of them is a freelancer who wrote a translation of several finance terms; another wrote an article with advice on purchasing financial obligations; another helped by consulting. I will always be grateful to these people for their help – thank you all!

👩🏽Tarcilia Henriques
👩🏻Ji Hye Song
🙂Cruz de Oliveira
👀Dmitry Grishin
😑Erik Zancanari
👩‍⚕️July Valuiskaya
🧑‍Seonjin Lee
🙂Jae S.
😊María Cano
😃Ayleen Ringleb
🥰Yuna A.
🙇‍♂️Alexander Kirienko
🤠Peter Swenson
🐁Murad Agaev
🕺Taesun Jang
🙋‍Dragan Marinkanovic
Julie D.
😜Adriana Escudero
🇯🇵Mizuki Amagai
👩Elena Veber
😺Sam Abian
🧔🏻Abdulrahman Alhourani
🧔🏻Yousef Estawro
😁Jeremy T
🧘Leidimara Caetano
🤵Sho Takano
🤔John S.
👩🏼Regula Scheidegger


Why you can trust us

I believe that trust should be built on openness, so I never hide my sources of information; I show where I obtained the data from and how calculations were made. This is the policy of A2 Finance, so that every page has a source of information. When it comes to dividends, this can be the official company websites, press releases, or data providers. In blogs, almost every article has a list of sources which were used to prepare the article. In the calculator section we often provide the formula which we use to make the calculations.

If, for whatever reason, you would like additional proof, please write to us by email at info@a2-finance.com or through the feedback form.

Data providers

  • IEX – American provider of finance data about American companies and companies from other countries
  • Unicorn Data Services – French provider of international financial information
  • Official press releases of a company

Editing guidelines

Even though only one person is responsible for this project, the site has an editorial policy. My mission is to make all the text on the site unique, useful, free from ethical issues, and written in plain language understandable to every visitor.

No recommendations

Neither the owner, nor any of the authors of articles offer recommendations on the purchase of stocks. Our task is to publish unbiased information to help users make decisions themselves.

Product reviews

Our reviews of applications, websites and other products are independent and based on the author's personal opinion and research they conducted. If a user clicks on a link in our content, we can receive commission on purchases which you make on the website of the partner company. But we will not receive compensation or financial rewards for the content of our reviews.


Our content is guided and supported by ethical guidelines for journalists: to be precise and fair, to cause minimal harm, and to act independently and transparently.

Redaction process

In the beginning stage, the author looks for a topic for an article, which according to our estimation could be useful to our users. Then the writer creates a plan and writes a list of sources (we always add them at the end of the article). After writing the main material, an editor checks the grammar and spelling of a text, as well as how well the author covered the topic. If possible, every article includes examples, tables, video clips, illustrations and infographics. After the final corrections, the text is verified by an expert, who, as a rule, has a degree in the field of finance or economics. If the expert discovers mistakes or inaccuracies, then the text is returned to the author for correction.



St Petersburg, Russia, Earth

Since A2 Finance is my hobby, I would not like to publish my full residential address online. I hope you will understand.

Phone and Email

Phone: +7-952-237-95-15

Email address:

Official accounts on social media

You can also write to us on our official accounts on social media:



Reviews about our site and products, shared by me on behalf of A2 Finance, are listed below.


I was pleased to see that a lot of information was published for free. I didn't immediately understand where the dividend portfolios were, but after a few minutes I found them.


강력한 계산기능과 더 나은 디자인 그리고 캘린더와 배당 포트폴리오 짜기에도 훨씬 편리한 곳이 있습니다. 엑셀파일로의 추출까지 지원합니다. 배당일 카운트다운 기능도 있어서 재미도 있습니다.


A lot of investment sites have been revised, settled on a2-finance.

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Лучший сервис! Все по полочкам, доступным языком.

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