Automatic Data Processing: stocks, financial statements

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An American company whose main tasks are to maintain the payroll, work with benefits, and manage personnel. Payroll and tax services can be used by both small and large commercial organizations with international operations. Clients also use other services of the company: development of preferential packages for employees, pre-retirement programs, business insurance, group health insurance.

For 14 years in a row, it has been included in the list of the most successful and popular companies in the world according to Fortune magazine. Over the past decade, she has received many significant national awards for the best HR solutions, technological innovations and corporate responsibility. The Corporation was one of the first to use cloud technologies for business outsourcing. Its client base is more than 110 countries around the world. The company owns its own research Institute that analyzes current trends in the labor market.

  • ADP Ticker
  • NASDAQ Exchange
  • 57,000 Employees
9 rated
  • $171.27, $-2.36 (-1.36%) Previous Close
  • 1,478,381 Previous Volume
  • $103.11 / $182.32 52 week low / high
  • -6.06% Percent off 52 week high
  • 2020-11-20 Updated
  • 2.13% Dividend Yield (trailing)
  • 2.17% Dividend Yield (forward)
  • 426,497,118 Public float
  • 428,814,000 Outstanding shares
  • 30.10 P/E
  • 75.16 B Market Cap
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Financial statements — Automatic Data Processing

The information is not 100% up-to-date. There may be errors or missing information. Some information is often missing, and, although there are almost no errors, I can't rule them out. Right now, I'm looking for a supplier of high-quality information, but so far what I'm finding is expensive (about $2000 a year). You can help my project here.
20 ← 15 2020 2019 2018 2017 2016 2015
Total Revenue
15B 14B 13B 12B 12B 11B
Cost Of Revenue
7.9B 7.6B 7.3B 6.7B 6.3B 5.9B
Gross Profit
6.7B 6.6B 6B 5.6B 5.4B 5B
Research and Development
670M 640M 630M 630M 600M 600M
Selling General and Admin
2.9B 3B 2.8B 2.6B 2.5B 2.4B
Operating Expense
11B 11B 11B 10B 9.4B 8.9B
Operating Income
3.1B 3B 2.6B 2.4B 2.2B 2B
Other Income Expense Net
41M 1M -380M 110M -13M 57M
3.1B 3B 2.6B 2.4B 2.2B 2B
Interest Income
110M 130M 100M 80M 56M 6.5M
Pretax Income
3.2B 3B 2.2B 2.5B 2.2B 2.1B
Income Tax
720M 710M 550M 800M 740M 690M
Minority Interest
0 0 0 0 0 0
Net Income
2.5B 2.3B 1.6B 1.7B 1.5B 1.4B
Net Income Basic
2.5B 2.3B 1.6B 1.7B 1.5B 1.4B
20 ← 15 2020 2019 2018 2017 2016 2015
Current cash
1.9B 1.9B 2.2B 2.8B 3.2B 1.6B
Short term investments
11M 3.3M 3.2M 24M 27M
2.4B 2.4B 2B 1.7B 1.7B 1.5B
Other current assets
27B 30B 28B 28B 35B 26B
Current assets
32B 34B 32B 33B 40B 29B
Long term investments
14M 260M 7.2M 7.6M 7.8M 29M
Property plant equipment
1.2B 760M 790M 780M 690M 670M
2.3B 2.3B 2.2B 1.7B 1.7B 1.8B
Intangible assets
1.2B 1.1B 890M 620M 530M 500M
Other assets
2.8B 3.1B 1.1B 1.3B 1.1B 1.2B
Total assets
39B 42B 37B 37B 44B 33B
Accounts payable
100M 130M 140M 150M 150M 190M
Current long term debt
Other current liabilities
29B 32B 30B 30B 36B 27B
Total current liabilities
30B 33B 30B 30B 36B 27B
Long term debt
1.3B 2B 2B 2B 2B 9.2M
Other liabilities
1B 1.1B 970M 1.1B 950M 890M
Minority Interest
0 0 0 0 0 0
Total Liabilities
33B 36B 34B 33B 39B 28B
Common stock
430M 430M 440M 450M 460M 470M
Retained earning
18B 18B 15B 15B 14B 13B
Treasury stock
2.4M 760K 680K 700K 750K 1M
Capital surplus
1.3B 1.2B 1B 870M 770M 660M
Shareholder equity
5.8B 5.4B 3.5B 4B 4.5B 4.8B
Net tangible assets
-2.8B -2.9B -4.3B -2.3B -1.5B -1.3B
20 ← 15 2020 2019 2018 2017 2016 2015
Net Income
2.5B 2.3B 1.6B 1.7B 1.5B 1.4B
480M 410M 380M 320M 290M 280M
Changes in receivables
-2M -460M -280M 39M -200M
Changes in inventories
Cash change
260M 250M -1.6B -410M 1.6B -340M
Cash flow
3B 2.7B 2.5B 2.1B 1.9B 2.7B
Capital expenditures
-620M -570M -470M -470M -390M -340M
3.7B -1.5B -1.4B -790M -660M -1.2B
Investing activity other
-8.2B -3.2B
Total investing cash flows
3.2B -2.2B -2.5B 5.7B -9.1B -4.6B
Dividends paid
-1.5B -1.3B -1.1B -1M -940M -930M
Net borrowings
-250M 260M -7.3M -2M 2B -2.2B
Other financing cash flows
-3.2B 1.7B 400M -6.1B 8.8B 6.2B
Cash flow financing
-5.9B -210M -1.7B -8.3B 8.8B 1.6B
Exchange rate effect
-35M -29M 5.8M 15M -11M -110M
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