An extensive review of the best cryptocurrency exchange in 2021


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Most traders, especially beginners, prefer an easy-to-use service. Therefore, Cryptology developers ensured to come up with a reliable service with the following characteristics.

1. Simplicity. First-time users enjoy seamless registration, depositing, withdrawing, and any other processes supported by the app. The simplicity makes operations take place fast.

2. Reasonable fees. The main thing that discourages most individuals from using a trading service is spending more on entry, rollover, and exit operations. Cryptology is the best alternative for anyone that wishes to spend less. You will not even spend any money if you use it today because the services have no costs.

3. Countries that offer the service Geographical location matters in trading. Ensure to check if your country supports the service before you register at an exchange. Cryptology can get accessed by anyone from all countries except the US and Japan.

4. Leverage. No trader will want to trade without leverage. It can be risky, but it brings more earnings.

5. Available pairs. Cryptology is ideal for traders that wish to analyze many markets because it offers many pairs.

6. Non-complicated withdrawals. The ease of withdrawing funds is crucial in cryptocurrency trading. Therefore, the Cryptology platform was designed in a way that users can make fast withdrawals.

The following part will cover a new Cryptology feature, becoming a member, pros, cons, and more.


Cryptology is a cryptocurrency exchange and futures trading place. The platform is among the leading exchanges that charge low fees. Traders who use the platform anytime until 30th September this year will enjoy free services.

Besides the free service, when you deposit your first $100, you will get an incentive of the same amount. The leverage is 100x.

The new feature on the trading platform

The cryptocurrency exchange feature referred to as Earn got introduced this month. It is a passive income tool that lets you earn numerous cryptos and certain stable coins effortlessly. Investing gets done with bank cards.

You can track your daily gains and withdraw funds. You can even reinvest your money if you like.

The currency determines earnings. For instance, you can expect 8% yearly from Bitcoin. Stable coins, on the other hand, can give you yearly gains of 15%.

What customers will love most about the Earn feature is that there are no fees for depositing money.

Becoming the Cryptology platform user

Joining the crypto exchange is easy. There is a new user form where you enter your name, email, and password. Alternatively, you can use your Google account to join.

You cannot skip the terms and conditions because the company will not let you access its services.

Note that the registration has two options.

  1. Personal account.
  2. Institutional account.

Find out how the two accounts differ.

The personal account is for trading purposes only. You can deposit and withdraw several times.

The Global account permits users to deposit fiat and cryptos through wire transfer or bank card. Withdrawing cryptos and fiat is also possible. However, fiat withdrawals require using the method used to make a deposit.

Trading account holders can deposit fiat money and cryptos. But, unfortunately, they cannot withdraw fiat.

The European Union can deposit fiat money using Mastercard and Visa.

Global accounts allow withdrawals through wire transfer only.


The Cryptology trading platform operates as per the KYC procedures. In addition, anyone that wants to use the service must undergo a two-step authentication process.


What you need:

  • Passport.
  • Drivers’ license.
  • Government identification card.
  • A photo of you holding your ID.

Completing the verification activity offers a limit of ten thousand dollars.

Full verification

Passing the second authentication step removes limits. What you need to complete the process is to provide your address evidence.

Exchange and BTC Futures trading services

Both platforms are user-friendly and straightforward.

The exchange features:

  • Order book.
  • Trading history.
  • TradingView chart.
  • Order form.


Most things on Futures are the same as what the exchange has. What distinguishes them is that Futures allow choosing leverage.

Trading charges and transaction ways

Cryptology is currently charging 0.002 in fees. Both the makers and takers pay the same amount, while other exchanges charge depending on the trading amount.

Anything concerning fiat charges 2.65% on payments processed via credit and debit cards, for as little as $25.

Brazil residents access other payment services. Their charges start from 1.7% to 3.6% for as little as one dollar.

EUR SEPA payments charge 0.45% for as little as one Euro deposit.

People with fully verified memberships can use wire transfer at no cost for minimum deposits of $25 or 25 Euros.

Withdrawing funds

You need an institutional account holder to withdraw fiat money. You can only use SEPA accounts.

The charges are seven Euros for as little as fifty Euros.

Expect other conditions if you wish to transact digital assets.

Bear in mind that some cannot get withdrawn.

Countries where you can find Cryptology services

The safest cryptocurrency exchange is available globally. However, the countries where it has not reached are America and Japan.

Crypto trading platform pairs


  1. Bitcoin/USD
  2. Bitcoin/USD Perpetual
  3. Ethereum/USD Perpetual
  4. Electro-Optical System/USD Perpetual
  5. Maker/USD Perpetual
  6. Synthetix Network Token/USD Perpetual
  7. Tronix/USD Perpetual
  8. Steller/USD Perpetual
  9. YFI/USD Perpetual
  10. Bitcoin Cash/USD Perpetual
  11. Litecoin/USD Perpetual
  12. Zcash/USD Perpetual

Spot Exchange

  1. Bitcoin
  2. Ethereum
  3. Ripple
  4. Steller
  5. Bitcoin Cash
  6. Litecoin
  7. Zcash
  8. Tether
  9. USD Coin
  10. DAI
  11. Basic Attention Token
  12. Tronix

For anything concerning fiat money, customers can trade with rubles, Euros, and dollars. In July this year, the company also revealed the EURS listings.

Advantages and disadvantages of the top cryptocurrency exchange


  • An excellent support team is in place to offer timely help to customers.
  • Your first $100 deposit on the platform brings you a bonus of the same amount.
  • From 3rd August to 30th September this year, users will trade at no fee.
  • The platform has a low minimum order size. It is 0.10 dollars or its equivalent.
  • You can access the cryptocurrency exchange platform from any place around the globe except the US and Japan.


  • The spot exchange does not have margin trading.
  • Personal accounts cannot withdraw fiat.


The Cryptology review has all the information you need to determine if it will suit you or not. In addition, its features and wide availability make it the easiest cryptocurrency exchange to use.