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It is the world's largest manufacturer of medicines and vaccines for Pets and livestock. It was a subsidiary of Pfizer. The activity is aimed at providing medicines to livestock producers, livestock farms, veterinarians, as well as individuals caring for agricultural Pets. Medicines are intended for sheep and pigs, cattle, poultry and fish. In addition, there is a separate line of products for cats and dogs. Operations outside the United States accounted for 50% of total revenue. Products also consist of vaccines, parasites and infections, feed additives, diagnostic (biochemical tests, appropriate equipment) and pharmaceuticals.

28 sites in 11 countries make up the company's production network, each of which is designed to meet the safety requirements of chemical and infectious agents. Many R&D operations are combined with production sites, which allows you to quickly bring new products to market.

  • ZTS Symbol
  • NYSE Exchange
  • 10,000 Employees
3 rated
  • $159.69, $-0.10 (-0.06%) Previous Close
  • 2,145,469 Previous Volume
  • $90.14 / $168.96 52 week low / high
  • -5.31% Percent off 52 week high
  • 2020-10-20 Updated
  • 0.48% Dividend yield (trailing)
  • 0.50% Dividend yield (forward)
  • 474,683,634 Public float
  • 475,145,000 Outstanding shares
  • 47.04 P/E
  • 76.02 B Market Cap
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Financial statements

The information is not 100% up-to-date. There may be errors or something missing. Often something is missing, there are almost no errors, but I can't rule them out. Now I'm looking for a supplier of high-quality information, but so far what I find is expensive (about $ 2000 a year).
2015 2016 2017 2018 2019
Total Revenue 4.8B 4.9B 5.3B 5.8B 6.3B
Cost Of Revenue 1.8B 1.7B 1.9B 2B 2.1B
Gross Profit 3B 3.1B 3.4B 3.8B 4.1B
Research and Development 360M 380M 380M 430M 460M
Selling General and Admin 1.5B 1.4B 1.3B 1.5B 1.6B
Operating Expense 3.7B 3.5B 3.6B 3.9B 4.2B
Operating Income 1.1B 1.4B 1.7B 1.9B 2B
Other Income Expense Net -540M -180M -200M -190M -220M
EBIT 1.1B 1.4B 1.7B 1.9B 2B
Interest Income 120M 170M 180M 210M 240M
Pretax Income 550M 1.2B 1.5B 1.7B 1.8B
Income Tax 210M 410M 660M 270M 300M
Minority Interest 0 -2M -2M -4M 0
Net Income 340M 820M 860M 1.4B 1.5B
Net Income Basic 340M 820M 860M 1.4B 1.5B
2015 2016 2017 2018 2019
Current cash 1.2B 730M 1.6B 1.6B 1.9B
Short term investments 99M
Receivables 940M 910M 1M 1B 1.1B
Inventory 1.5B 1.5B 1.4B 1.4B 1.4B
Other current assets 270M 250M 230M 270M 320M
Current assets 3.8B 3.4B 4.2B 4.4B 4.7B
Long term investments 10M 25M
Property plant equipment 1.3B 1.4B 1.4B 1.7B 2.1B
Goodwill 1.5B 1.5B 1.5B 2.5B 2.6B
Intangible assets 1.2B 1.2B 1.3B 2B 1.9B
Other assets 48M 70M 72M 81M 73M
Total assets 7.9B 7.6B 8.6B 11B 12B
Accounts payable 290M 270M 260M 310M 300M
Current long term debt 400M 500M
Other current liabilities 1B 780M 770M 870M 930M
Total current liabilities 1.8B 1.1B 1.1B 1.2B 1.8B
Long term debt 4.5B 4.5B 5B 6.4B 6.1B
Other liabilities 120M 150M 100M 89M 180M
Minority Interest 0 -2M -2M -4M 0
Total Liabilities 6.8B 6.2B 6.8B 8.6B 8.8B
Common stock 500M 490M 490M 480M 480M
Retained earning 880M 1.5B 2.1B 3.3B 4.4B
Treasury stock 100K 200K 290K 350K 480K
Capital surplus 1B 1B 1B 1B 1B
Shareholder equity 1.1B 1.5B 1.8B 2.2B 2.7B
Net tangible assets -4.1B -3.9B -3.8B -6.3B -6B
2015 2016 2017 2018 2019
Net Income 340M 820M 860M 1.4B 1.5B
Depreciation 200M 240M 240M 310M 410M
Changes in receivables 24M -85M -38M -50M
Changes in inventories -260M -100M 19M 61M -100M
Cash change 270M -430M 840M 38M 330M
Cash flow 660M 710M 1.3B 1.8B 1.8B
Capital expenditures -220M -220M -220M -340M -460M
Investments 28M 100M
Investing activity other -10M -1M -7M -8M
Total investing cash flows -1.1B -210M -310M -2.3B -500M
Dividends paid -170M -190M -210M -240M -310M
Net borrowings 1.1B -410M 480M 1.5B -9M
Other financing cash flows -32M -7M -12M -9M
Cash flow financing 760M -900M -210M 560M -950M
Exchange rate effect -32M -23M 12M -26M -8M
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