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The largest retail chain in the United States. Sells products for construction, repair, decoration and home improvement. The company's supermarkets are located in every state of the country, as well as in Canada, Mexico and South America. The corporation owns 90 huge manufacturing warehouses and distribution centers throughout the United States. The company operates 182 stores in Canada and 120 in Mexico. The company's management tried to bring its outlets to the Chinese market, but all the stores were unprofitable and were closed in 2012.

The company's products are represented by both exclusive brands and its own trademarks. Some stores are additionally equipped with gas stations, although the company does not plan to develop this service on a larger scale.

The company's clients include ordinary homeowners or renters, as well as professional repair or design firms. When purchasing the company's products, the buyer can use the store's services to install them, if necessary.

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Financial statements — Home Depot

The information is not 100% up-to-date. There may be errors or missing information. Some information is often missing, and, although there are almost no errors, I can't rule them out. Right now, I'm looking for a supplier of high-quality information, but so far what I'm finding is expensive (about $2000 a year). You can help my project here.
21 ← 16 2021 2020 2019 2018 2017 2016
Total Revenue
130B 110B 110B 100B 95B 89B
Cost Of Revenue
87B 73B 71B 67B 62B 58B
Gross Profit
45B 38B 37B 34B 32B 30B
Research and Development
0 0 0 0 0 0
Selling General and Admin
24B 20B 20B 18B 17B 17B
Operating Expense
110B 94B 92B 86B 81B 77B
Operating Income
18B 16B 16B 15B 13B 12B
Other Income Expense Net
0 0 0 0 0 0
18B 16B 16B 15B 13B 12B
Interest Income
1.3B 1.2B 1.1B 1.1B 970M 920M
Pretax Income
17B 15B 15B 14B 12B 11B
Income Tax
4.1B 3.5B 3.4B 5.1B 4.5B 4B
Minority Interest
0 0 0 0 0 0
Net Income
13B 11B 11B 8.6B 8B 7B
Net Income Basic
13B 11B 11B 8.6B 8B 7B
21 ← 16 2021 2020 2019 2018 2017 2016
Current cash
7.9B 2.1B 1.8B 3.6B 2.5B 2.2B
Short term investments
960M 1B 890M 640M 610M 1.1B
3B 2.1B 1.9B 2B 2B 1.9B
17B 15B 14B 13B 13B 12B
Other current assets
960M 1B 890M 640M 610M 1.1B
Current assets
28B 20B 19B 19B 18B 17B
Long term investments
42B 31B 25B 26B 25B 26B
Property plant equipment
25B 23B 22B 22B 22B 22B
7.1B 2.3B 2.3B 2.3B 2.1B 2.1B
Intangible assets
0 0 0 0 0 0
Other assets
4.3B 810M 850M 1.2B 1.2B 1.3B
Total assets
71B 51B 44B 45B 43B 43B
Accounts payable
12B 7.8B 7.8B 7.2B 7B 6.6B
Current long term debt
1.4B 2.8B 2.4B 2.8B 1.3B 430M
Other current liabilities
10B 7.8B 6.6B 6.2B 5.9B 5.5B
Total current liabilities
23B 18B 17B 16B 14B 13B
Long term debt
36B 29B 27B 24B 22B 21B
Other liabilities
1.8B 1.5B 1.9B 2.2B 1.9B 2B
Minority Interest
0 0 0 0 0 0
Total Liabilities
67B 54B 46B 43B 39B 36B
Common stock
1.1B 1.1B 1.1B 1.2B 1.2B 1.3B
Retained earning
58B 52B 46B 40B 36B 31B
Treasury stock
-66B -65B -58B -48B -40B -33B
Capital surplus
Shareholder equity
3.3B -3.1B -1.9B 1.5B 4.3B 6.3B
Net tangible assets
-3.8B -5.4B -4.1B -820M 2.2B 4.2B
21 ← 16 2021 2020 2019 2018 2017 2016
Net Income
13B 11B 11B 8.6B 8B 7B
2.5B 2.3B 2.2B 2.1B 2B 1.9B
Changes in receivables
890M 170M -16M -77M 140M 410M
Changes in inventories
2.1B 610M 1.2B 200M 740M 730M
Cash change
5.8B 360M -1.8B 1.1B 320M 490M
Cash flow
19B 14B 13B 12B 9.8B 9.4B
Capital expenditures
-2.5B -2.7B -2.4B -1.9B -1.6B -1.5B
Investing activity other
Total investing cash flows
-10B -2.7B -2.4B -2.2B -1.6B -3B
Dividends paid
Net borrowings
28B 28B 27B 23B 20B 18B
Other financing cash flows
Cash flow financing
-3B -11B -12B -8.9B -7.9B -5.8B
Exchange rate effect