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Asset Turnover Ratio

The formula for the asset turnover ratio evaluates how well a company is utilizing its assets to produce revenue

Asset to Sales Ratio

The asset to sales formula can be used to compare how much in assets a company has relative to the amount of revenues the company can generate using their assets.

Average Collection Period

The average collection period is the amount of time it takes for a business to receive payments owed in terms of accounts receivable.

Contribution Margin

The formula for contribution margin is the sales price of a product minus its variable costs. In other words, calculating the contribution margin determines the sales amount left over after adjusting for the variable costs of selling additional products.

Current Ratio

The Current Ratio provides a calculable means to determining a company's liquidity in the short term.

Days in Inventory

This formula is used to determine how quickly a company is converting their inventory into sales.

Debt Coverage Ratio

The debt coverage ratio is used in banking to determine a company's ability to generate enough income in its operations to cover the expense of a debt.

Debt Ratio

The debt ratio is a financial leverage ratio used along with other financial leverage ratios to measure a company's ability to handle its obligations.

Debt to Equity Ratio, D/E

Used to measure a company's ability to handle its long term and short term obligations.

Inventory Turnover Ratio, ITR

The formula for the inventory turnover ratio measures how well a company is turning their inventory into sales

Net Profit Margin, NPM

The net profit margin formula looks at how much of a company's revenues are kept as net income

Net Working Capital, NWC

The formula for net working capital (NWC), sometimes referred to as simply working capital, is used to determine the availability of a company's liquid assets by subtracting its current liabilities

Payback Period, PP

The payback period formula is used to determine the length of time it will take to recoup the initial amount invested on a project or investment

Quick Ratio

The Quick Ratio is used for determining a company's ability to cover its short term debt with assets that can readily be transferred into cash, or quick assets

Receivables Turnover Ratio

The receivables turnover ratio formula , sometimes referred to as accounts receivable turnover, is sales divided by the average of accounts receivables

Return on Assets, ROA

The return on assets formula looks at the ability of a company to utilize its assets to gain a net profit

Return on Equity, ROE

The formula for return on equity, sometimes abbreviated as ROE, is a company's net income divided by its average stockholder's equity