Being ready to begin trading with EXANTE is a wonderful idea, however one should be prepared for it. Brokerage founded by Alexey Kirienko caters to mainly professional traders, who understand the risks and have knowledge and experience. There’s no way one can succeed in trading without them in the long-term.

Invest in you

Trader’s emotions can be the key cause of failure. Emotional trading is chaotic and is led by fear. Only through implementing analysis and knowing how to curb your emotions one can become successful in this profession. 

You are expected not only to invest in your trading deposit, but in your education as well. You’ll have to have experience, practice and be disciplined. 

You have to remember that you are the one making all of your decisions and you are the one responsible for the outcomes. Don’t blindly follow advice or trends when trading with EXANTE brokerage. 

If you want to make money, you’ll need to learn how to accept failure. Bad days are inevitable when trading and you have to learn how to react and curb your emotions. 

Investment opportunities with EXANTE

There are a few ways to trade:

·         Trade on your own! But, this requires knowledge and experience. You are the one responsible for every decision you make and have to be able to accept the outcomes.

·         Hire someone to trade for you! It could be an asset manager, a fund or portfolio manager. All of them charge a good amount of money for their services, and one needs to be extremely careful when picking one. However, there are higher chances of return if you’re using experienced financiers vs trading yourself as a beginner. 

·         Copycat actions of successful traders using specialized services. There are no guarantees, though.

·         Use trading robots! Utilizing an algorithm to trade for you can free up your time, but don’t forget that there are no perfect bots and sometimes using only them can result in a complete failure. Buying the technology costs a lot, and setting up one yourself requires a lot of knowledge. 

It doesn’t matter which trading method you choose, you should constantly analyze the market and results to make sure to increase your savings, not lose them.

EXANTE is a brokerage established in 2011 with HQ in London, Britain. The company operates under EU law and is compliant with all the regulations. It holds 4 licenses across Europe and Asia. The company keeps growing as you are reading this! If you hang with a lot of traders, there’s a very high chance that they will recommend EXANTE to you!

EXANTE created the most advanced trading terminal to provide access to over 50 markets and 150,000 various financial instruments including currencies, stocks, bonds, derivatives and more. The modular structure allows the user to modify the platform to fit their personal needs. 

First choose a currency pair from the Instruments and then open a position!

All of the transactions can be made with leverage, that’s when the brokerage lends you money without interest for a transaction. After the transaction is completed the broker takes back the money and the trader keeps the difference minus the regular trading commission.