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The relationship with the client is one of the key features of a business. Correct communication, a modern approach, and the use of technology for working with customers enable the company to retain attention, attract new customers and instantly respond to moods. Mobile loyalty reward card programs are a tool that allows you to interact with customers as efficiently as possible and conduct a high-quality marketing campaign, increasing profits.

Modern technologies look a little different, but their essence remains the same. One of the powerful tools is the loyalty application, which allows you to provide this service using your phone. This is necessary to increase the consumption of goods or services, to increase the number of regular customers. It also helps to bring customers back and gather information for successful marketing.

Reward program or loyalty program?

A loyalty program is often equated with a reward program. However, these are slightly different terms. The reward system is carried out in the form of bonuses, accumulated points, which are converted into money and other units, allowing the client to use them as payment for a product or service. For example, supermarket cards use a reward system. Points are collected for each purchase, and the change is converted into these points, which can later be used as currency to pay for the goods.

A loyalty program is a complex of components that affect customer interaction. CRM allows you to manage your business and process applications, mobile loyalty programs for customers with personal notifications and conditions, holding promotions, participating in sweepstakes, and other marketing tools. Gamification is often used to engage the user in the process of interacting with the brand. In other words, it is a large set of tools and methods for brand and customer communication.

Loyalty program in the mobile application

Mobile loyalty programs are one of the most powerful and effective tools. The vast majority of users have smartphones. The mobile application allows you to become a member of the loyalty program even from the first purchase. The application provides a lot of advantages: quick registration, registration right in the store or office, convenient interaction with the brand, setting up alerts, tracking changes and innovations, interactive.

Simple authorization allows you to immediately take part and get involved in the process, gamification is easily introduced, a modern approach allows you to contact an audience of any age.

Benefits of loyalty programs for companies

Companies that run these promotions can spend less on advertising and focus on improving other areas of their business. The price of bonuses is negligible for organizations since the former are based solely on promises for the future. The company does not need to spend anything right away, which allows it to significantly increase sales at a low cost. While loyalty program members are likely to spend more with the company, they also tend to ditch their competitors in favor of an organization that provides valuable bonuses. According to research, customers who participate in loyalty programs spend 18% more than non-members. These statistics further suggest that investing in loyal stocks increases sales in the long run. On the other hand, losing a customer once means cutting a valuable resource forever.

How can customers take advantage of the offers?

From the point of view of customers, loyalty programs show that the company understands their needs and values each customer. This feature helps improve reliability and build trust, which makes shoppers feel secure when purchasing from a specific organization. Satisfied customers are also more likely to purchase additional products or services.

Benefits that companies get from the offered cards

The corporate benefits of issuing gift cards for business are closely tied to the entire incentive program designed by Tremendous in line with business specifications. The platform includes many tools and features that allow you to collect information about your customer base, customer behavior, and ways to attract more loyal customers. Here are the benefits for company owners.

Customizable Reward Types - The bonus program is fully customizable and can be tailored to your needs and the industry in which you work;

Collection and processing of data - every time a registered customer makes a purchase or transaction with money, this activity is recorded by the software. All information collected through the application or website will provide a deeper understanding of the requirements;

Customer analysis - the system can assign each customer to different categories based on different qualities.

Custom categories will be useful for developing special offers and gift offers, or for providing a personalized card or certificate. Various ways of communication - the system allows you to build all kinds of communication channels for your clients. The creation of promotional emails and SMS is automatically beneficial because each customer will receive their user information.

Benefits of getting a customer card

Companies looking to expand their operations and increase profits when they start using bonus campaigns and give gifts to their customers. Even a simple gift card can be useful to both the business owner and the holder. Each user can use the certificate to pay for certain goods or services, receive a gift or certificate, or accumulate points for other rewards. Some of the benefits of participating in the gifted program include:

  • Customized Offers - Buyers can benefit from receiving customized offers designed exclusively for them. The system generates offers based on the preferences of each customer and their purchase history;
  • Loyalty program - a virtual wallet with a built-in card can accumulate points and bonuses, which can then be exchanged for a gift or certificates, as well as services and certain goods;
  • Accessible Personal Accounts - Easy access to a personal profile can be obtained through an internet browser or an app. Each user can see there bonuses or gifts that he collected.

Why do companies need it and how to use it correctly?

A discount is an impersonal tool for attracting customers and is designed for a massive influx of visitors one-time. The bonus demonstrates an individual approach to each consumer. A person perceives a bonus reward in such a way that he is distinguished from the background of other customers, the company is interested in it, and also sees in this gratitude for the constant choice in favor of a particular company.

The main advantage of such a system is that the use of points is delayed in time, which means that the buyer comes to you again and again. Thanks to this, a base of regular customers appears, which brings guaranteed profit to your business

Statistics also speak in favor of loyalty bonus programs for consumers. For example, attracting a new customer requires five times more costs than retaining an old one. It is worth implementing such a system because your advertising budget will decrease by 45%, but sales will increase by up to 25%. In addition, if the number of regular customers grows by 5%, then the company will receive a 50 % or more increase in profits

How the introduction of bonuses will help you

Rewarding helps retain customers. It has been proven that people love rewards, and the audience attracted in this way is easily transferred to the status of a "regular customer".

You will be able to stimulate initial and repeat purchases. It becomes a kind of game to collect as many points as possible to get a gift or a discount. And for this, you need to buy from you more often. Due to this, a scheme is formed: I spend more - I get more.

Information about the customers of your store is being accumulated. To become a member of the program, you need to fill out a special form. So you get information: socio-demographic portrait, preferences, etc. All this will help you build further relationships with clients

Clients want to feel their importance and advantage, therefore companies that make extraordinary service decisions become absolute leaders in their field of activity.